How do I clean my dog bed?

We suggest brushing off dirt or vacuuming your bed weekly. To wash your bed cover, unzip the outer cover, cold machine wash and air dry.

How do I clean my tag?

Cleaning your pet tag is easy! Simply use a wet wipe or cloth to gently rub the clear surface of the tag until marks are removed. We recommend cleaning the tag every few weeks, depending on how regular your furry friend likes to roll in mysterious piles of "somethings" and frolic in the mud. 

Why do I get two spilt rings in my order?

We provide two different sized spilt rings with every order, 20mm and 25mm. 20mm spilt rings are better suited to smaller dogs, so the ring doesn't hang down as low. Attaching our pet tag to a 25mm spilt ring will give you more room to add other items to the ring, such as council ID or other forms of identification. We provide both sizes to give you the freedom to choose.

Are the pet tags waterproof?

Our tags are splash resistant but not water proof. So if your pup does want to head for a swim, we recommend you remove the tag so the water doesn't cause the colours in the tag to distort.

Do you ship orders internationally?

We currently only ship our dog tags internationally. We offer standard and express postage to these countries and rates differ based on location and shipping option. To see our rates, please click here


Wanderless Barkley do not assume any responsibility for any damage or injuries that occur during use of our products. Don't leave unattached tags unattended. Please use products responsibly.
We cannot take any responsibility for items lost or damaged in the post.